Rare Survivals

As this this blog has now survived for 3 years I thought I would look at 3 exceptional churches in Northampton and bring out some historical links with the help of 3 relevant books from the Bromley House Library collection. This small subscription library in Nottingham has never failed to provide material to illuminate the fascinating … More Rare Survivals

Local heroes

On 9 September 1845, in front of 10,000 people in a field near Stony Stratford, William “Bendigo” Thompson beat “Big Ben” Caunt over 93 rounds in a grudge match for the heavyweight title of England. Both were bare-knuckle fighters, holders of the title at different times and both were from Nottinghamshire. They are commemorated in churchyards 6 miles … More Local heroes

The Knights Hospitaller in Nottinghamshire

Who would have thought that two small churches in the heart of Nottinghamshire had a connection to the days of the Crusades and the colourful history of the Knights Hospitaller? Events like the capture of Jerusalem, the flight from Acre, the fall of Rhodes and Napoleon’s invasion of Malta all evoke adventure stories from the distant … More The Knights Hospitaller in Nottinghamshire