Local heroes

On 9 September 1845, in front of 10,000 people in a field near Stony Stratford, William “Bendigo” Thompson beat “Big Ben” Caunt over 93 rounds in a grudge match for the heavyweight title of England. Both were bare-knuckle fighters, holders of the title at different times and both were from Nottinghamshire. They are commemorated in churchyards 6 miles … More Local heroes

The Knights Hospitaller in Nottinghamshire

Who would have thought that two small churches in the heart of Nottinghamshire had a connection to the days of the Crusades and the colourful history of the Knights Hospitaller? Events like the capture of Jerusalem, the flight from Acre, the fall of Rhodes and Napoleon’s invasion of Malta all evoke adventure stories from the distant … More The Knights Hospitaller in Nottinghamshire

Victorian Family Values Exposed at Langar

St Andrews, Langar, Nottinghamshire, known as the Cathedral of the Vale of Belvoir, is an imposing church, rich in historical associations.     There is a fine early 17th Century canopied tomb of Thomas and Philadelphia, Lord and Lady Scroope and alabasters of the Chaworth family from the previous century. There is a marble tablet … More Victorian Family Values Exposed at Langar

Ned and Topsy’s Tour de Force: Stained Glass at Whatton, Nottinghamshire

Sometimes a work of art stops you in your tracks. The stained glass in the south aisle of the parish church in Whatton, Nottinghamshire, does just that. It was installed in 1879-1880, a commission in memory of four members of the Harrison family, farmers, who died between 1865 and 1876. It is a classic example of … More Ned and Topsy’s Tour de Force: Stained Glass at Whatton, Nottinghamshire