A legacy from Smith’s bank

For this second anniversary blog my story is prompted by a visit to a church with connections to a distinguished local family and, through them, an organisation celebrating a much more significant anniversary. The memorials inside St. Oswald’s parish church, East Stoke, are not brash or ostentatious but they commemorate a Nottinghamshire banking dynasty that became a power in the land. … More A legacy from Smith’s bank

Hidden Treasures at Bilborough

Hidden for 40 years, that is, until electricians started working above a false ceiling. The rector and parishioners of St Martin of Tours, on the western edge of Nottingham, suddenly realised that elegant murals by Evelyn Gibbs were largely in place and were restorable. What a find! As part of an unsympathetic enlargement to the church in 1972, the murals, along with a … More Hidden Treasures at Bilborough

Finding Byron

They were sworn to secrecy. The antiquary, the surveyor, the doctor, the churchwarden, the Member of Parliament and the curator of the Byron family vault all entered the church separately, followed by the mason and 3 workmen. They could have been conspirators but the subterfuge had a purpose. It was the afternoon of 15 June … More Finding Byron

The Australia Connection

It’s always a surprise and a pleasure to find an Australian flag flying prominently inside a medieval English church. The pleasure may be due to having lived there and still having relatives “down under”, but it is also satisfying to uncover the unexpected connections that the East Midlands has had with the wider world. There are two … More The Australia Connection